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Annual Museum Fundraising Book Sale 2018

Our annual fundraising book sale will be held during October 2018.  Dates are still to be decided.

Object of the Week - Down Survey Map of County Waterford 1654

The museum was delighted to receive a donation of this Down Survey Map for County Waterford from historian Julian Walton.  It will be on show soon in our newly arranged displays.

In August 1649 Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army travelled to Ireland to reoccupy the country following the Irish Rebellion of 1641.  This army was raised and supported by money advanced by private individuals, subscribed on the security of 2,500,000 acres of Irish land to be confiscated at the close of the rebellion.  The 1642 Adventurer’s Act stated that the Parliament's creditors could reclaim their debts by receiving confiscated land in Ireland.

The Act for the Settlement of Ireland provided for the confiscation and redistribution of the lands of the defeated Irish, mostly Confederate Catholics, who had opposed Cromwell and supported the Royalists.  Parliamentarian soldiers who served in Ireland were entitled to confiscated land in lieu of their wages, which the Parliament was unable to pay in full.  Lands were also to be provided to settlers from England and America.  The dispossessed landholders were to be transported to Connacht and to other countries.

William Petty, then physician general to the Irish armies, offered to undertake a new survey which would be completed within thirteen months.  The Government signed a contract with Petty on the 24th of December 1654.  The maps are known as the ‘Down Survey’ because the information was mapped down.

Trinity College Dublin has digitised the maps and they can be viewed at http://downsurvey.tcd.ie/index.html

Gallows Hill Dig Donation

A great big thank you to  Mr Michael Ryan, Al Eile Stud, Kilgobnet, who kindly gave us a very generous donation toward our Gallows Hill Dig.  This donation has insured that we can press ahead with the second archaeological dig at the mound.

The week long dig, which again is a community effort, begins on the 17th of August 2018 and is led by archaeologist Dave Pollock.

Michael Dunford, Al Eile Stud presenting the cheque on behalf of Michael Ryan to Eddie Cantwell, also present Waterford County Museum committee members Chrissy Knight-O'Connor & Sarah Lucas.

Object of the Week - The Literary Digest March 29th 1930

This magazine published in New York has a cover with a reproduction of a painting by Dungarvan born artist Power O'Malley titled: 'The Hill of Muckish'.  

Michael Augustine Power O'Malley was born in Mary Street, Dungarvan on the 19th of January 1877.  His parents were Michael Power and Bridget Hannigan.  When his father died his mother married Dennis O'Malley and the artist combined the two surnames and signed all his work Power O'Malley.  

He settled in New York where he acquired work as a magazine illustrator.  He returned to Ireland regularly and painted landscapes and people mainly in the West of Ireland.  He had a retrospective show in Waterford City in 1939.  He died in New York on the 3rd of July 1946 aged 68.

Waterford County Museum has examples of his work such as this magazine cover.

American Visitors at Waterford County Museum July 6th 2018

Sometime back Lynette Stonefeld from the USA contacted Eddie Cantwell.  She had received a series of articles which were written by Eddie about her grandfather Paddy Curran from Glenmore who had carried out a rescue mission at the then ‘County Home’ St. Joseph’s Hospital in Dungarvan in 1922 during which time the hospital was occupied by Free State troops.

Republican Bill Lennon who had been shot at Grange had received surgery and was hospitalised at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  During this time Lennon was also awaiting execution.  Paddy Curran and his company decided to carry out a daring rescue and took the wounded Lennon from the hospital.  Paddy then had to flee the country and go to America.

Among the group that came from the States were grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews from both the USA and Ireland.  The group were entertained by Eddie Cantwell and Nioclás Ó'Griofáin.  Eddie then took the group to St. Joseph's Hospital and recounted the story of the amazing rescue to the extended family.

Eddie Cantwell and Nioclás Ó'Griofáin speaking with the American visitors.

Object of the Week - The Cruise of the Erin's Hope or Gun-Running in'67 by M J O'Mullane, Catholic Truth Society (no date)

This booklet details of the voyage of the Erin's Hope to Ireland in 1867 with a hidden consignment of arms and ammunition for the Fenians.  The two masted square-rigged Brigantine was called the Jacknell and sailed from New York on 13 April 1867.  The ship's captain was Joseph Kavanagh of Passage East.  

On the journey the name was changed to the Erin's Hope.  The ship's manifest listed a cargo of pianos, sewing machines and barrels of wine, but concealed with these were guns and ammunition.  The ship was due to land in Co Mayo but was unable to and proceeded along the south coast eventually setting anchor off Helvick.  A local fishing boat 'The Finin' brought most of the crew ashore but they were arrested soon after and sent for trial.  

In 1957 a commemorative obelisk was unveiled at Helvick by Cathleen Clarke, widow of 1916 leader Tom Clarke, to mark the event.  The monument was recently restored by the local community.

Object of the Week - The Sunny Side of Ireland - How to see it by the Great Southern & Western Railway by John O'Mahony 1902

Guide books such as this were very popular with tourists many of whom came from England by boat and used the train network to get to destinations such as Dublin, Killarney, or the West.  The guide book does not feature Dungarvan but has Lismore, Blackwater, Tramore and Waterford City.  

There is a chapter on cycling holidays which says that June and September are the driest months in Ireland.  It recommends that cyclists call to the nearest Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) barracks as they are the best source on information about what to see.  Chatting to locals was an “interesting and amusing experience - nothing can exceed their civility and courtesy”.  

The guide book recommends lunching in their cottages; excellent tea, homemade bread etc were available for one shilling per head.  They cautioned cyclists to slow down as “country people were rather stupid about getting out of one's way”.

Cruinniú na nÓg National Day of Creativity for Children at Waterford County Museum

On Saturday the 23rd of June 2018 the museum participated in the Cruinniú na nÓg national day of creativity for children.  Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day and a big thank you to all those who participated.  A lot of organisation went into this event and our thanks to museum committee member Mary Giblin and to our two local artists Kaylee Regan and Tony Hayes for hosting this event.

A sample of the creative process in action.

Object of the Week - A guide to the latest bikes in 1869: 'Velocipedes - Bicycles & Tricycles - How to make and how to use them', London 1869

This book was published the same year that the Dungarvan Ramblers Cycling Club was established in Dungarvan by Richard Edward Brenan (1846-1917).  This was the first such club to be formed in Ireland.  In the same year the club held a four mile bicycle race which Brenan won and the cup which he was presented with is now on display in Waterford County Museum. 

The museum is currently preparing an exhibition titled - 'The Remarkable Brenan's - Cyclists, Photographers, Antiquarians, Artists and Printers'.  This exhibition will be of particular interest to cyclists and those interested in cycling history as we will have two 'penny farthing' bikes on show.  One locally made in the 1870s which has wooden wheels and spokes.  Recent donations of drawings, photographs and papers relating to the Brenan family will be on display for the first time.

If you have any documents, artefacts, photographs relating to this family we would love to hear from you.

Object of the Week - Lithograph of Castellated Bridge & Lodges, Ballysaggartmore Lismore, 1853

This fantastic structure was built by Kiely on part of the avenue which was intended to lead to a large Neo-Gothic castle which was never built.  The castle was intended to surpass that of his brother John at Strancally Castle.  

During the Famine Kiely evicted many tenants which earned him a bad reputation as a landlord.  An assassination attempt was made on his life.  

In 1903 the house was acquired by the Hon Claud Anson and his wife Clodagh and sold by him in 1930.  The lodges and bridge fell into neglect and the main house was demolished.  

The lodge and bridge are now a major tourist attraction in Lismore.

Cruinniú na nÓg National Day of Creativity for Children at Waterford County Museum

Object of the Week - Catechism of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore being the Most Rev. Dr. James Butler's Catechism Revised, and the Smaller Catechism c.1920. Printed by Guy and Co. Ltd, Cork.

Butler's Catechism was compiled by Dr James Butler in 1775 and was revised in the late 19th century and a new edition produced in the early 1950s was popularly known as the 'Green Catechism' because of the colour of its cover.

These rare examples of the Waterford catechisms are inscribed Con Sheehan, Dungarvan 1920.

Object of the Week - 'The Exhibition Display Outfit' 1940s

This boxed set of letters and symbols was produced to enable shop owners to print their own notices and prices on paper or card.  

Unfortunately there is no maker's mark or label on this set, but it was probably manufactured in England.  

Other examples of printing sets like this were also made for children.

Object of the Week - Book Jacket for the Trail of the Black & Tans

This book, published in the autumn of 1921 was written under a pseudonym 'The hurler on the ditch' and the true author was Emily Ussher (nee Jebb) 1872-1935 of Cappagh House.  

She married Beverly Grant Ussher (1867-1956).  On his retirement in 1914 they settled at his family home at Cappagh.  They had one child, Percival Arland Ussher, writer and philosopher

Emily recorded life at Cappagh and West Waterford during the revolutionary period in an unpublished manuscript.

Object of the Week - Erinox Cubes Tin

These cubes were made at Clover Meats in Waterford who opened a factory at Christendom in Ferrybank in the 1920s.  

They introduced Erinox Cubes in 1937.  They were very popular during 'The Emergency' and were used as a substitute for tea.

Object of the Week - A Hat Made by Christys’ of London 20th Century

The firm was founded in 1773 by Miller Christy.  

The firm supplied helmets to the Metropolitan Police for over two hundred years.  

Their main factory was at Stockport, Cheshire, which was the largest hat and cap making factory in the world in 1843.  

The firm are still in business.

Object of the Week - Coward’s Cider Label 1930s

The Coward family settled in Dungarvan c. 1925 and Henry Coward worked for Thomas Power producing his Blackwater Cider.  

Power's stopped production and the Coward family started their own cider business in Stephen Street, Dungarvan where they also had an iron foundry.

Newspaper Article About Waterford County Museum 1982

Object of the Week - Memo to the Dungarvan Waterworks Committee from Michael Beary (Borough Surveyor) 1893

Michael Beary (1841-1917) lived in Sexton Street, Abbeyside.  He was appointed Borough Surveyor in 1882 a post he held until his retirement in 1908.  Edmund Keohan states that he designed two schemes of Artizan Dwellings in Dungarvan.  

This billhead notes that he was 'Engineer for Labourer's Cottages'.  He was interested in local history and was a member of the RSAI.  He was also an amateur artist and painted a number of illuminated addresses including that to Captain Veale on display in the museum.

To hear more about Beary and public housing in Dungarvan William Fraher will be giving a talk on the subject at the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement's conference at Lawlor's Hotel on Sunday the 13th of May.  

For more details see www.irishsettlement.ie

Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement in Association with Waterford County Museum Society

The Annual Conference will take place in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford in Lawlor’s Hotel on the 11th to the 13th of May.  

For more details see www.irishsettlement.ie

Object of the Week - Power's Lemonade Bottle 1960s

This and other soft drinks were produced at Power's Brewery, Dungarvan under the management of Paul I Power.  

The Power Brothers who established the firm in 1883 had in fact made lemonade and orangeade since the foundation of the business.

‘A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE’: The Gardens of the Big House: Their History and Place in Art

On Sunday the 6th of May from 10am-4pm there will be talks given by numerous speakers at Dromana House and Gardens in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford on the history and place in art of the Gardens of the Big House.

Enquiries and booking:

Tel: (086) 8186305

Website: www.dromanahouse.com

€70 per person or €125 for 2 persons: includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Object of the Week - Oil Painting on Glass of Bartholomew Kiely c. 1870

Bartholomew Kiely was a ship owner and merchant in Dungarvan.

Recent Visit to Middlequarter, Co. Waterford

Christina Knight-O'Connor, Eddie Cantwell and Simon Dowling recently took a visit to Middlequarter in Co. Waterford.  They took photographs of the standing stone pictured above which Simon will be creating a 3D model of.  We would like to thank Simon for lending us his time to do this.

Pictured below is an example of Simon's 3D modeling work.  The model is of the Stradbally Ogham Stone.

Annual Museum Fundraising Book Sale 2018

We are now accepting book donations in the museum for our annual fundraising book sale.  

Please note that we will not be accepting any books that have aged and are brown, we will not be accepting any books that date from the 1800s or earlier unless they are of historical significance and we will not be accepting any magazines unless they are of historical significance.

Seán Murphy Talk

Seán Murphy’s talk on local people and their connection with WW1 took place at the Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club on Wednesday the 21st of March.  There was a great attendance and Seán gave a brilliant and informative talk.  

We would like to thank Seán for giving his time to do the talk, also a big thank you to Austin Flynn and the Sailing Club for allowing us the use of their wonderful facility which was a big hit with those attending over the past three lectures.  

Our thanks also to Seán Organ for publicising our talks over the past season and our thanks to the Dungarvan Leader and Dungarvan Observer for their continued coverage of our events.  

This completes our lecture season until September.

Object of the Week - Teabag for Bobby Keane's Bar and Grocery c. 1950s

Bobby Keane's was situated at 71 O'Connell Street, Dungarvan.  In the 1960s he also operated as an auctioneer.  He also had a fish shop next door and exported fish to the UK.  

The Keane family were associated with Colligan Lodge.

Museum Members’ Annual Trip to the North Midlands

The museum members’ annual trip this year will take place on Sunday the 29th of April to Wednesday the 2nd of May.  

There are only a few spaces left on the trip so if you are interested in booking one of these spaces please contact the museum at 058 45960.

Object of the Week - A Selection of Sweet Labels from the Shop at the Ormonde Cinema, Dungarvan, 1950s/60s

Gallows Hill Featured in Present Edition of Archaeology Ireland

Waterford County Museum/Gallows Hill Adopt a Monument Community Group were delighted to be included in the present issue of Archaeology Ireland.

Plans with the group are well underway for a further dig at the mound during the summer.  All donations for this historical ground breaking event will be welcomed at the museum and remember that no donation is too small.

International Women’s Day Talk

Our talk on Sarah Purser by William Fraher was held in the museum on International Women’s Day Thursday the 8th of March.  There was a brilliant attendance and the talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Object of the Week - Photograph of a Snowdrift in Abbeyside, March 1947

This photo of two people having fun in the snow was taken at Coolagh Road, Abbeyside in March 1947.

World War 1: Some Local Stories - An Illustrated Talk by Seán Murphy

It is true to say that Seán Murphy is probably the most recognised personality in County Waterford.  Seán and his wife Síle’s contribution to local history is legendary.  They have several books to their credit dealing with local history down through the years.

Seán will be giving a talk on local people and their connection with WW1 at the Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club on Wednesday the 21st of March at 8pm.  Admission is €5.


Kilmacthomas Historical Society Talk

Kilmacthomas Historical Society are holding a talk on ‘A Church of Ireland family story 1920-1923’ by John Hobbs in Lenihans Lounge Bar, Newtown, Kilmacthomas on Monday the 12th of March at 8pm.  

Admission is €5 and all are welcome to attend.

International Women’s Day Talk

To mark International Women's Day on Thursday the 8th of March Waterford County Museum will hold a talk by William Fraher on the artist Sarah Purser who lived at The Hermitage, Abbeyside, titled: Sarah Purser (1848-1943) - Artist - Advocate for the Arts-Nationalist.  

The talk will take place at 3pm in the museum.  Admission is free.

Object of the Week - Whiskey Jar Stamped J.R. Dower & Co. Dungarvan

John R. Dower was the owner of St Brigid's Well Brewery in Dungarvan.  The brewery was established in the late 18th century on land owned by the Marquis of Waterford.  Their 'Shamrock Ale' was very popular.  

John R Dower was also a magistrate, Town Commissioner and built Mountain View House.

Liam Suipéil Talk

There was a capacity audience at the Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club for Liam Suipéil’s talk on the coastal place names from Ring to Ardmore.
We were given a fascinating insight into the background of these names and it is hoped that when the research is completed that this important work will be published and made available to all.

Nioclás Ó'Griofáin, Noirin Ní Chonaola, Liam Suipéil and Eddie Cantwell.

Antique Clothing Donation

We were delighted to receive a donation from Peter Hudson of antique clothing relating to the Hudson/Malcomson families.  

We hope to have a display on the Malcomson family at a future date.

Peter Hudson and his daughter with William Fraher presenting antique clothing from the Hudson/Malcomson families to Waterford County Museum.

Peter Hudson and his daughter admiring the Dungarvan Cycling Club jug awarded to his ancestor Richard Phineas Hudson.

Object of the Week - Billhead for Michael Mulcahy, Sailmaker c. 1870

This bill was issued to Captain John Carbery of Dungarvan for sails for his ship.  

The Mulcahy family of St. Augustine Street and Abbeyside were sailmakers for over 100 years.

Object of the Week - 'Merry's Old Liqueur Whiskey' Bottle

A rare bottle from Robert A Merry & Co, Grocers, Wine & Spirit Merchants of Lower Main Street Dungarvan.  Merry’s established their business in Dungarvan in 1868 and acquired the old market house as stores and offices.  

The shop was in a house owned by John Keily of Strancally Castle at No.33 Main Street and No.1 Church Street.  In 1883 they opened a shop in Waterford and one in New Ross.

The Personality of a Coastline - An Illustrated Talk by Liam Suipéil

If you love exploring the local rocky coastlines then you will certainly be interested in this talk.  Liam’s talk will cover the coastline from Ring to Ardmore and certainly promises to be of great interest.  

The talk will take place at the Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club on Wednesday the 21st of February at 8pm and as always all are welcome.  Admission is €5.

Object of the Week - Engraving Titles: 'Lace Making in an Irish Cottage' 1890

This engraving is based on a drawing by the artist Marianne Stokes (1855-1927).  She was born Preindisberger in Austria.  She settled in England on marrying Adrian Stokes.  

She became one of the leading artists of Victorian England.  It and others were used to illustrate an article on Lismore/Cappoquin in the English Illustrated Magazine.

Francis Hyslop RIP

Waterford County Museum would like to extend our deepest sympathies
to the Hyslop family on the passing of Francis.  Francis' brother in law
Eddie is a long time member of the Waterford County Museum Society.

Object of the Week - Jacob's Viscount Biscuit Tin c. 1954

The images on the tin depict the Aer Lingus Viscount aircraft and air hostess with the distinctive green colouring.  

Aer Lingus began purchasing the Vickers Viscount 700 in 1951 and they started service in 1954.  They were very popular with passengers.

Object of the Week - Tin Container for Clarke's 'High Toast' Snuff, Dublin

William Clarke & Sons was founded in 1830.  They were based in South Main Street, Cork.  

In 1924 the firm was acquired by Ogdens who transferred the business to Dublin to premises at South Circular Road.  Ogdens were based in Liverpool.

Object of the Week - Carroll's 'Mick McQuaid' Tobacco Tin c.1920s

Patrick James Carroll opened the first tobacco shop in Dundalk in 1824.  In 1864 his son joined and modernised the firm.  In 1889 the company introduced the Mick McQuaid brand.  

Mick first appeared as a character in The Shamrock magazine in the 1880s.  In the 1920s the company introduced a drawing of Mick on their tins and adverts.  The Mick McQuaid brand was   
discontinued in 2016.                                                

January 2018 - Recent Publications

The Museum supplied photographs to two recently launched publications.

‘A History of the Dungarvan GAA Club from 1885-2017’ by Tony Ryan, and ‘Dunmore East – A Living History’ by Maria Walsh.

Both books come highly recommended and are available in local outlets.

Object of the Week - Poyser's Ceylon Tea Box

This box with stencilled lettering was used to house tea.  The box was sold from Sheehan’s shop in Main Street, Dungarvan.

The inscription states that the tea is ‘Direct from Colombo’.

Poyser’s were tea merchants in Witty Grove, Manchester.

Nancy Daly RIP

We were saddened to hear of the death of Nancy Daly of Ballinacourty who was a long time member of the Museum Society.  Nancy regularly attended Museum events which she thoroughly enjoyed and was a valued member of the Museum.  Our condolences to her family and friends.

17th January 2018 Lecture - Philip Barron, Man of Mystery by Áine Uí Fhoghlú

We are delighted to announce that we will be commencing our 2018 lecture season with a talk that is sure to be of immense interest called 'Philip Barron, Man of Mystery' by Áine Uí Fhoghlú.

Áine will offer an illustrated look at the life and achievements of Philip Barron of Stradbally who founded (probably) the first ever Irish language college in the country, in Bunmahon in 1835.

So who was Philip Barron, what was his contributiion to the area, and to the country?  What became of him and why is he not more widely known in Irish history?  Áine will be shedding light on these questions.

Áine Uí Fhoghlú lives in An Rinn with her family.  She has a number of poetry books to her credit and was a writer in residence with Co. Kilkenny VEC.  Áine has also won many awards for her poetry including the prestigious Irish language prize at Dún Laoghaire International Poetry Competition and the Michael Hartnett Poetry Prize.  She also has a keen interest in local history.

This looks like being a very interesting and enjoyable talk, and is not to be missed!

Venue:             Clubhouse, Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club, Davitt's Quay, Dungarvan

Date:                Wednesday 17th January 2018

Time:                8pm

Admission:      €5

Object of the Week - Printed Poster - A Souvenir of the 31st Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin 1932

The congress was held from the 22nd to 26th June 1932.  About one million people attended the main open air mass in Phoenix Park at which Count John McCormack sang.  

The poster was printed by Irish Catholic Art Publishing.

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