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Object of the Week - War of Independence Officer's Jacket

This War of Independence Officer's Jacket was worn by James Mansfield, Crobally, Old Parish. It carries the label of Dan Fraher Draper, Grattan Square, Dungarvan.

James was the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battalion Decies Brigade of the I.R.A. during the War of Independence and the Civil War.  He escaped to Canada after the ceasefire.

A detailed account of the Irish War of Independence from a local point of view including information about James, and one of his brothers, Michael, can be found on the Museum website www.waterfordmuseum.ie which includes the following incident:  For several months previous to January 1920, Captain King, who was the Police Inspector in Dungarvan, had been making a nuisance of himself.  He drove out to the Mansfield home and threatened to shoot Hannah Mansfield unless she informed on her sons.  A group of Dungarvan Volunteers took the Captain's car which was in a garage over half a mile from his house.  They then pushed it through the town to his front door where they drenched it with petrol and set it on fire.  Shortly afterwards the Captain was transferred to Mallow at his own request.  This little operation was carried out by Pax Whelan, Joe Wyse, George Lennon, Pat Lynch and Pat Power.  The fact that a group of Volunteers could destroy a policeman's car by fire in broad daylight in the centre of Dungarvan shows the power of the West Waterford Brigade at that time.

Illustrated Talk 'Diving the South East Shipwrecks' with Eoin McGarry

Our second lecture of the winter season 'Diving the South East Shipwrecks' with Eoin McGarry which was held in the Green Room of the Town Hall Theatre on Wednesday 19th October 2016 was a huge success and was very well attended.

Our thanks to Eoin for a very interesting and enjoyable talk. Our apologies to those who couldn't get a seat and had to stand outside the room.

Object of the Week - Cumann Lúth Chleas Ghael Medal

The Cumann Lúth Chleas Ghael hurling medal was awarded to Mick Foley in 1906.

Mick's father John was a native of Ballynageeragh, Dunhill, Co. Waterford.  The Foley family were originally from Ardmore.  John was a journeyman stonemason and he travelled around the countryside building cow byres and stables.  While carrying out work at Cunningham's farm at Boulatin he fell in love with the daughter of the house, Mary.

In 1876 they married in Kilrossanty. They lived on a farm at Killoteran, Butlerstown, by the River Suir. John used to obtain branches from ash trees at Mount Congreve Estate to make hurleys for his sons.

They became enthusiastic supporters of the Gaelic Athletic Association when it was founded in 1884.

John started a hurling team in Butlerstown, but this had to be disbanded because the authorities feared it was a meeting place for fenianism.

One of his sons, Mick, was an apprentice carpenter to his cousin, John Costin, in Waterford - 'In the evening when finished work he would hear 'the clash of the ash' across the River Suir at Luffany, Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny.  With his desire to play hurling Mick slipped into Mount Congreve Wood and spoke shaved a hurley.  With the hurley strapped to his back and a pair of plimsolls on his feet he swam across the River Suir to participate in the hurling game and had to swim back to the Waterford side in the dark of the night.'

In 1915 Mick Foley married Mary O'Brien of Lisnakill, Butlerstown, and they purchased a farm at Knockrower, Stradbally.  They tried to start a hurling team in Stradbally but Gaelic football was the preferred game in the area.

Thursday 27th October 2016 - Waterford County Museum A.G.M.

The Waterford County Museum A.G.M. will be on Thursday 27th October 2016 at 8pm at the Museum in Friary Street, Dungarvan.

All are welcome.

We hope to see as many of the Museum Society members as possible, as we value your input and ideas.

Historic Plaques in Grattan Square, Dungarvan

The first of the historic plaques have been installed in Grattan Square, Dungarvan.

These will illustrate people and events relating to Dungarvan from throughout the ages.

Object of the Week - Magic Lantern from the Presentation Convent, Dungarvan

The magic lantern was first invented in the 17th century.  A wooden frame housed a concave mirror in the back of a light source to direct as much light as possible through a small rectangular sheet of glass - a 'lantern slide' - which had an image painted on it, the image was projected onto a lens at the front.

After 1839 photographic images were projected with magic lanterns. An Argand lamp was used to light the image from the late 18th century. The invention of limelight in the 1820's resulted in a brighter image. The invention of the electric arc lamp in the 1860's was a safer method of lighting the lantern.

The popularity of magic lanterns declined after the introduction of moving picture film in the 1890's but they were widely used in education until slide projectors became common in the 1950's.

Spooky Halloween Event at the Museum

Come and visit the Museum and find the creepy objects hidden in the display cases around the Museum, make a witch, colouring and more.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Venue: Waterford County Museum, Friary Street, Dungarvan

Date:    Friday 28th October and from Tuesday 1st November to Friday 4th November 2016

Time:   10am to 5pm

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