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Schools in Lismore 1824 - Part 1

 James Glassford, Notes of Three Tours in Ireland in 1824 and 1826, Bristol 1832.

James Glassford (1771-1845) was a Scottish legal writer and traveller.

Proceeded to Kilmacthomas and Stradbally, to Dungarvan, and thence by Cappoquin to Lismore…Kilmacthomas…one of the rudest and most unpleasing districts yet passed; met here a party of the mounted constabulary employed in searching suspected quarters for arms, but had found none to-day; usual to make trial for this purpose in the corn and peat stacks, said to be a common repository; but were also proceeding over the fields and enclosures, the scenery of this stage bare and scowling, without appearance of culture.

October 19 Lismore

Visit from Col. Currey; the intelligent and active manager, and moral agent of the Duke of Devonshire on his great estates in this part of Ireland.  A peculiarity of Irish Post Office, which it had reached two days before; informed an inquiry that letter received in the country offices of Ireland, are not carried out, or delivered by the postmaster: so that unless called for, they remain sine die

It has been observed that the older priests are more easily managed and more temperate in their opposition to the Education Societies, than those recently appointed; the greatest violence and most strenuous opposition come from the young men educated at Maynooth…In private classical and boarding schools, intermixture of Protestant and Roman Catholic seems to create little animosity…The Roman Catholic clergy do not interfere with these; perhaps from a knowledge that, with the upper classes of the laity, it would be ineffectual…

Visited with Col. C., the Cork Hibernian Society’s Free School, built in 1821 by the Duke of Devonshire, for boys and girls.  Large and excellent establishment, as to accommodation; with the singular exception of the entrance being in an unfinished and even dangerous state, from want of any fence to the outer stair, which is high…Houses for the master and mistress. Teacher trained in Kildare-Street Model School. Present, today, 135 boys, 121 girls, all Roman Catholic, with exception of 8 boys and 2 girls.

To be continued…

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