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Dungarvan To-Day Part II

The Lady Belle

[Extract from the Waterford News, 22 September 1922.]

Travelling to and from Dungarvan is now carried on with considerable difficulty and increased expense. There is no regular service.  Before the unfortunate war we had a train service that was delightful. There were at least eight trains passing each way during the day...Now with the big breach at Ballyvoyle, probably a railway service will not be resumed for two or three years.  It does appear silly, to say the least of it, that this beautiful country should be in the plight it is from the action of her own children. Time was, and not so long ago, if one had business through the streets at night there was free and unlimited passage for all, but now the dread of shooting and the challenge of the sentries are deterrents, and one would much rather avoid them.  Another instance is the absence of commercial travellers.  If one does come, it is a rarity.

When the stoppage to traffic began a few carters turned up and solicited orders to carry goods from Waterford.  They did their business all right, but a few seizers of goods on the route completely put the carters out of court.  A want in this respect has been supplied by the steamer Cargan, which now makes regular trips to Dublin; and comes back laden with all kinds of commodities, and the manager of the firm [K.Williams & Co.] Mr John Christopher is most courteous and attentive…Some cargoes of about 200 tons each have arrived consisting of all kinds of things, eatables, and a plentiful supply of Guinness stout.  Other boats which have done good service, Captain P. Curran, harbour master, runs a boat frequently to Waterford.  She is well- managed, punctual, and carries a good load and supplies a great want to the business community.  Mr R. H. Keane [Cappoquin] also runs a motorboat to Cork and Waterford, so that all needs are met with satisfactorily.


The Cargan

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