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Privateers in Dungarvan 1710

Extract from: Dublin Intelligencer 25 February 1710

(Dublin).  We have the following account from Dungarvan, viz. a privateer [A private citizen or ship that engages in maritime warfare under authority from a sovereign] of the guns (that lately took the Elizabeth of Chester off the Holy Head); being homeward bound for France was forced into that bay, [Dungarvan] where thinking themselves secure, they hoisted the English colours and came to anchor on the 12th Instant in the said bay; and at the close of the evening, at high water, came to a fresh berth close under shore; but a Company of Foot that was in Barrack there, having notice given them by a small fishing boat that had observed the Privateer. The said Company of Foot was by their lieutenant immediately marched towards the seaside, and drawn up in ambush, having strict orders not to fire till the lieutenant gave warning by firing his pistol.  The Privateer’s crew about eight a clock at night came ashore, (designing as they have since owned to plunder some farmers’ houses about a mile thence) and as they marched silently between the Grenadiers [A specialist unit of soldiers founded in mid to late 17th century, composed of the strongest and tallest soldiers, derived from the word grenade] were saluted by a volley on either side, which killed one of their crew; so the privateer’s men returned the volley, and killed one of the Grenadiers, who having a plain sight of the French men, by the fire of their own arms, let fly at them, and killed three more, which so disheartened them, that they cried out quarters; which was granted.

The country coming in, they surrendered by command of their captain who was in shore.  There was found on board eleven ransomers, among whom was the master of the Elizabeth, likewise abundance of rich goods. The master is now on board of his own ship The Elizabeth at the Passage of Waterford, intending for this harbour [Dublin] as soon as possible he can meet with a convoy and a fair wind.

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