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Photo from Walks and Talks at Three

Audience enjoying lecture by William Fraher entitled "As Others Saw Us: Visitors Impressions of Dungarvan".

Evening Lectures

Our evening lecture season has finished until September next when Julian Walton will be opening the new season of talks.

We would like to thank all those who have supported our talks over the winter and a big thank you also to Dungarvan Sailing Club. The facility on the quay has added a certain ambience and welcome backdrop to our talks, and we hope that they will facilitate us next season.

Thanks also to Seán Organ, WLR-fm for his continued coverage; it is very much appreciated.

Stories from Old Newspapers

Ballyvoile Bridge re-opened August 1923
Munster Express 18 Aug 1923

The first vehicle to cross over the bridge was a float driven by Mr. Thomas Beatty with a load of goods from the Durrow Railway Station.  He is proud to have been the first to cross, but now the bridge is being used by every kind of car.
It is now exactly 12 months since the centre arch of the Ballyvoile bridge was blown up.  On the same evening the fine structure the railway bridge, so unique in its way, had also one of its arches blown away.  It held for some days but...a second arch gave way.  This in a few days was followed by the entire collapse of the fine bridge...rising 108 feet above the bed of the ravine.
The second bridge would have suffered a like fate, but Mr Bowen, the Co. Surveyor, with commendable foresight, set to work and placed between the pillars of the broken arch, stout timber baulks.The bridge was built under the supervision of Mr. Tarrant about 60 years ago.
Limestone of excellent quality will form the parapet.  These blocks are now in the hands of stone cutters.  It is said that the railway bridge is about being began.
It was comparatively unknown to many before the destruction.  Now the story of its damage and desolation have gone around the world and this week a letter reached me giving information of an illustration of the bridge in the Melbourne Argus.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Ballyvoile Bridge there is a information on it in the book "The Towns & Villages of the Waterford Greenway" which is available for sale in the museum as well as in shops locally.

Gallows Hill Lecture by Dave Pollock

Photos from our recent lecture about the Gallows Hill community project, given by Dave Pollock in Elsie's Public House. Wednesday 20th March.

Photo of the Week

Do you recognise anyone in this photograph? If so, contact us at Waterford County Museum, Dungarvan.

Gallows Hill Meeting

A big thank you to the staff and management of Elsie's pub, Wolfe Tone Road, Dungarvan for accommodating us for the Gallows Hill Community Information evening on 21st March.  The talk which was given by Dave Pollock was attended by a large crowd.

Photo of the Week

     Do you recognise anyone in this photograph? If so, contact us at Waterford County Museum.

Walks and Talks at Three

Photo of audience enjoying the lecture on Cathal Brugha in the museum on Wednesday 20th March

Walks and Talks at Three

On Wednesday last we had the second talk in our new programme of Walks and Talks at Three.  Nicolás ó Griofán spoke on "Cathal Brugha and the Ring / Dungarvan Connection".  We were delighted with the attendance and afterwards all enjoyed some refreshments.

Next Wednesday 27th March William Fraher will give a talk entitled: "As Others Saw Us: Visitor’s Impressions of Dungarvan".

It will be held at the museum at 3pm.

Admission is free and all are welcome

Stories from Old Newspapers

 Dungarvan Steeple Chases
Waterford Chronicle 30 December 1843

This meeting came off on the 19th and 20th …over as sporting a country as any in the South of Ireland (about half a mile from town), and was attended by the nobility, gentry, and sporting characters of this and the surrounding counties. From day-break on Tuesday morning, carriages, drags, and every other description of vehicle…. A well secured and commodious Standhouse was erected on the ground, which was crowded to excess. The amateur band of Dungarvan kindly afforded their services… amongst the company we noticed – The Marquis of Waterford, and Lord Ingestrie, whose presence afforded much satisfaction to the assembled thousands, were loudly cheered each day… Sir Nugent Humble, Earl of Huntingdon, Sir Robert Paul, John Power Gurteen, Captain Power, Queen’s Dragoon Guards, Messrs Fyute, Prince Albert’s Hussars.
An ample supply of refreshments were provided at the Stand-house by Miss Power of The Eagle Hotel. A ball and supper took place at the Devonshire Arms…The supper was provided by Mrs McGrath, in her usual good style. Mr Hamilton’s band attended, and dancing was kept up until morning.

Photo of first Talk at Three in the Museum

            Photo of audience at first talk in New Programme of Talks at 3

Gallows Hill Information Evening

There will be an information evening on the findings to date in Gallows Hill on Wednesday 20th March at 7 p.m. in Elsie’s Public House, Wolfe Tone Road.  Admission is free and all are welcome.  This lecture will be given by archaeologist Dave Pollock

Photo of the Week

Can you identify the people and place in this photograph?  If so please let us know.

Spring programme of Events

Walks and Talks at Three in the Museum

On Wednesday last we had the first talk in our new programme of Walks and Talks at Three.  The curator Willie Fraher spoke on "The Destruction of Ballycoe House in 1921".  We were delighted with the attendance and afterwards all enjoyed some refreshments.

Next Wednesday Nioclás ó Griofán will speak on:-

"Cathal Brugha and the Ring / Dungarvan Connection". 

Admission is free and all are welcome

Stories from Old Newspapers

Stand and Deliver!
Arrest of a Robber
On the 26th inst, as Mr John Hudson, eldest son of John Hudson of Dungarvan, was proceeding on horseback to Youghal School, he was stopped about the hour of one o’clock on the mountain of Slievegrine, by a footpad, who presented a pistol at him and demanded his money. Mr Hudson replied that he had none. The fellow ordered him to search his pockets, but Mr. H. refused, desiring him to search them himself, if he wished. The robber however did not do so, and ran off through the mountain, followed by Mr. Hudson until he approached Mount Odell, where being assisted by four persons in the employment of Mr. Odell, they pursued and came up with the fellow, who presented the pistol at them, but seeing a determination on the part of Mr. H. … he surrendered himself a prisoner. His name is Timothy Kilmartin, and was some time since tried for a burglary and robbery in the house of Thomas Connery: he has been committed to our county gaol. Mr Hudson (who is only 18) deserves the highest praise for his very spirited conduct…by which he has rid that part of the country of a very desperate character.

Spring Programme of Events

Museum curator William Fraher has organised  a series of free walks and talks which will take place at 3 o'clock in the museum every Wednesday for the next seven weeks.

The first event is on Wednesday the 13th of March and tells the story of the destruction of Ballycoe House (home of the Dunlea family) near Dungarvan in 1921.  It was wrecked by The Black & Tans as a reprisal for the Burgery Ambush in which an RIC man and auxiliary policeman were killed.  What is not generally known is that the event featured in a novel published in 1921.

Why not come along and hear the full story and enjoy some refreshments after.

Stories from Old Newspapers

Horse Racing in Dungarvan

Waterford Chronicle - 5th October 1833

An unnamed Dungarvan man wrote the following letter to the editor:

Sir, I think you will be glad to learn that this little city is about to revive its claim to the merry appellation, by which it was distinguished in days of yore - jolly Dungarvan.  Races are to commence here on the 21st of October; the first days running will be on the bar, where lovers of the picturesque will have the opportunity of enjoying the far-famed Dungarvan prospect…then follow two days running across the country.  The first day for Gentleman’s horses, four miles across the country…for the Dungarvan cup of £30, to which the Stewards will add twenty.  On the second day, Mr Lamb’s cup of £10 is to be contended for across the country by farmer’s horses, after which the ladies cup of £20 is to run for over the same ground, to be rode by gentlemen.  His Grace the Duke of Devonshire has not yet sent in his contribution which is daily expected…the neighbouring gentry are subscribing very liberally, amongst whom Mr Butler Lowe [Lived at Bayview House, Ballinacourty] stands foremost…he has kept up a series of races on a small scale during the summer months…solely at his own expense…there are several private matches to come off; an excellent band will be in attendance.  There will be a subscription ball at the Devonshire Arms the second night.

Photo of the Week

Can you identify the people and place in this photograph?  If so please let us know.

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