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Object of the Week - Ink Wells

Ink was first used in ancient Egypt and China.  In the 19th century ink wells were manufactured using an amazing variety of shapes - umbrella, boat, tent, barrel, cottage, pyramid etc.  They were made of glass or stoneware pottery.  The containers were sealed with a cork or sealing wax.

These are some examples from the Museum collection, which are not stamped but probably made in England.

The invention of the ball point pen in the 1930s signalled the decline of ink wells.

Object of the Week - 19th Century Monstrance Made of Wood and Brass

Monstrance Which Belonged to Fr. Kiely
This monstrance was made for the Rev. J.M. Kiely of Brooklyn, New York.  The Rev. John Kiely was born in Dungarvan in 1847.

He was a graduate of Mount Melleray.  He was the youngest priest ever ordained for the diocese of Brooklyn at 22.   He was ordained on 24th June 1869 at All Hallows.  Soon after he was placed in charge of St. Mary's Church, Brooklyn.

In 1881 he took over the parish of The Transfiguration in the eastern district, where he oversaw the construction of a new church in 1892.

He had four brothers, Rev. Joseph of Chicago, Philip based in Australia, Maurice of Dungarvan and Edmund of Waterbury Conn.

Rev. Kiely died in August 1899.

Fr. J.M. Kiely

Video of Artwork by Artist Anthony Hayes of the Gallows Hill Archaeological Project June 2017

Our thanks to the popular and talented local artist Anthony Hayes for these lovely drawings of the archaeological dig at Gallows Hill in June 2017 titled 'Place & Practice Drawing Documentary Project'.

Summer 2017 - New Museum Display Presentation

We are currently reorganising our entire museum layout.  A series of new display walls will enable us to present our collection in an improved manner and also allow us to display material from our reserve collection which has not been on display previously.

Please be patient with us if you are visiting the museum, we feel it will be worthwhile when completed and will result in a more satisfying visitor experience.

Object of the Week - A Superior Eight Day Clock Made By New Haven Clock Company, Anglo American Clock, Late 19th Century

Chauncey Jerome (1793-1868) was an American clockmaker.  In 1850 he joined with Benedict & Burnham and in 1853 they traded under a new name: New Haven Clock Co.

In 1855 he became bankrupt losing his fortune.  He died penniless in 1868.  The New Haven Clock Co. finally closed in 1960.

Museum Member's Trip to Ardo House, Ardmore, 9th July 2017

On Sunday 9th July 2017 there was a Museum Member's day trip to Ardo House in Ardmore, led by Liam Suipéal.

Ardo House has a very interesting history and Liam gave a wonderful talk which brought the history of the house alive for the group.  The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our thanks to Liam Suipéal, and to Eddie Cantwell and all involved in organising this memorable trip.

July 2017 Visitors from Canada with Connection to Artefact in Museum

Eoin McGarry, Carla Quattrociocchi, Rosario Sacco
We recently had a visit from Carla Quattrociocchi and her husband Rosario Sacco from Canada. They had heard that well known local diver Eoin McGarry found a propeller from the Italian ship Piemonte that sank while sailing from Naples to New York in 1911. Carla's great grandfather was on board the ship.

Eoin took time out from work to come up to the Museum and talk to them about his findings, and the visit was enjoyed by all.

We have had many visitors from all over the world recently with visitors coming from various European countries and as far away as Malawi and Arizona.

18th July 2017 Special Event in SGC Dungarvan - 'Vincent van Gogh, A New Way of Seeing'

At the SGC Cinema in Dungarvan on 18th July 2017 there will be a filmmakers tour filmed in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, titled 'Vincent van Gogh - A New Way of Seeing'.

The show will be introduced and opened by local artist Sinéad Hehir, and will feature an in-house question and answer session with the award winning director/producer Phil Grabsky.

In the film Phil Grabsky paints a vivid picture of Vincent van Gogh, framing each shot of each piece that fully immerses the viewer in the artist's style and brush strokes.  With great detail of the behind the scenes work that is involved in creating the perfect exhibition, from the colour of paint used on the walls, to how the decision is made as to where each painting hangs and why the order of how this is done is so important.

Sinéad Hehir is a Dungarvan artist renowned for her paintings of local landscapes.  Sinéad also teaches art, craft and design in Newtown School and she graduated from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork with a BA Honours Degree in fine art in 2009, garnering the CIT and OPW Purchase Prize Awards respectively, and completed her Higher Diploma with First Class Honours in 2010 gaining the Marshall Hutson award for Best Art Education Student, achieving the highest result in the year, and also Student of the Year by CIT.  Sinéad's inspiration for her work comes from locations in Waterford and surrounding areas and she uses paint in an exciting and colourful way.

An outstanding, award winning young artist, Sinéad Hehir's work already forms part of some important private and corporate collections.

Enjoying complete and unprecedented access to the treasures of Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, this is a fresh new film about one of the world's favourite artists, marking both a major re-hanging of the gallery's collection and a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh's death.

Experience the wonder of seeing these masterpieces on the big screen while specially invited guests, including world renowned curators and art historians offer their interpretations and explanations of his work.

Venue:         SGC Cinema, Dungarvan

Date:            18th July 2017

Time:            7pm

Admission:  Tickets available from Waterford County Museum at the reduced rate of €10

Object of the Week - 'Torpedo Bottle' stamped 'Cantrell & Cochrane', Late 19th Century

The company was founded by Thomas Joseph Cantrell (1827-1909) who was born in Dublin.  He moved to Belfast were he worked at a chemists.  He established his own business with James Dyas manufacturing mineral waters, ginger ale, lemonade etc.

In 1868 he merged with Henry Cochrane (1836-1904) and founded Cantrell & Cochrane.  By the 1880s they were described as the largest soft drinks manufacturer in the world.

The round bottomed bottles were made from 1869 until the early 1900s.  Because the bottle lay on its side the cork stayed moist and didn't dry out.

Ginger ale, seltzer water, and medicated aerated water were sold in this type of bottle.

Object of the Week - Wooden Grain Shovel from Moloney's Stores, Dungarvan, Early 20th Century

Abigail Moloney & Sons were based on Main Street and at Davitt's Quay.  The shop and bakery were situated where Dan McCarthy is now based.  The grain and coal store was on the site of the library.  Edmond Keohan described the business in 1924:

'Messrs Moloney, corn mills, turn out a lot of material. The mill premises adjoin the quay are provided with excellent and up-to-date machinery.  A large number of hands are constantly employed.  The firm are owners of the steamer 'Lady Belle', which during the strike was kept busily going to and from different parts...the firm also conducts large bakery business, and sends vans and motor lorries far into the country districts'.

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