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Object of the Week - Maritime Diorama, 19th Century

This diorama was carved by a Mr. Carroll, a ship's captain from Dungarvan, in the 19th century.

These models were often made by retired sailors, captains or shipwrights.  They are made almost entirely of wood with some additional details such as the sea in plaster.

The three masted schooner depicted in this model is not named.  It carries the Red Ensign which was flown by British merchant ships since 1707.  Another flag on one of the main masts depicts a blue background with a gold star.  This may be the house flag, these were introduced in the late 18th century.  Patrick and William Carroll are listed as Master Mariners in the 1840's.

Seán Tyrrell's Message of Peace Concert

Seán Tyrrell's Message of Peace Concert at the Town Hall Theatre in Dungarvan last night, 23rd February 2017, was a great success.

Our thanks to all of the many people who worked hard to enable this concert to go ahead, and especially to Eddie Cantwell.

Wednesday 15th March 2017, Lecture: 'Roses from the Heart', an Irish/Australian Story, by Dr. Christina Henri

We are excited by this visit by Dr. Christina Henri from Australia, who will be giving a talk entitled 'Roses from the Heart Memorial Remembers Those Banished to the Ends of the Earth' about the 25,566 women who were sentenced to transportation to Australia between 1788 to 1853 from the then British Isles, some from Waterford.

Christina believes that many of these impoverished women were transported simply for being vagrants.  When afforded opportunities in Tasmania or Australia the women's resilience and fortitude saw them flourish and contribute to the growth of the emerging nation.  Since 2007 she has been working on 'Roses from the Heart', the first ever memorial to those women whose stories have remained untold for too long, which consists of cloth bonnets, copied from an original 1860's servant's bonnet, to symbolise their lives.  Christina is interested in 304 women from Waterford who were transported, and she is inviting women from Waterford to take part, and her aim is to have a permanent memorial of bonnets in Waterford.  In 2012 male and female prisoners from two of Dublin's prisons presented Christina with 800 bonnets.  So far 22,000 bonnets have been received.

Dr. Christina Henri is Honorary Artist in Residence at the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  Christina uses art as a tool to give meaning to history.

This is sure to be a very interesting talk and is not to be missed!  All very welcome.

Venue:          Green Room, Town Hall Theatre, Dungarvan

Date:             Wednesday 15th March 2017

Time:            8pm

Admission:  €5   

Liam Giblin

We would like to extend our sympathy to the family of the late Liam Giblin who died recently, and to his sisters Mary, Rita and Theresa.

Ar dheis dé go raibh a anam.

Object of The Week - Dungarvan Town Crier's Bell c. 1900

This bell was used by members of the Wyse family of Dungarvan.  Mickie Wyse is a well known name to older Dungarvan residents.

A billhead of 1900 notes 'Michael Wyse & Co. Bill Posters, Advertising Agents, Contractors, Handbill Distributors'.

We recently had a visit from Walter McGuirk, who is a member of the Wyse family and he was the last of the bell ringers in Dungarvan.
Walter McGuirk with Museum Staff Member Kieran Lineen

Object of the Week - Postcard of Dungarvan Coat of Arms, 1907

This card was part of a heraldic series published by Stoddart & Co. of Halifax, Yorkshire, between 1905 and 1917.  They were printed under the trademark Ja-Ja.

The image depicts the ancient Irish warriors flanking a shield containing an image of a ship with a castle on either side representing Dungarvan Castle and Abbeyside Castle.  The motto beneath reads: 'Ní Maraide Go Stiúrtóir' - Not a Mariner 'Till a Steersman.

It was designed by the scholar and antiquarian William Williams (1820-1875) in 1863.

Object of the Week - 'Bedstone' from Ring, Co. Waterford, c.19th Century

Millstones came in pairs, the base or 'bedstone' is stationary, and above this is what is called the turning stone or 'runner stone' which does the grinding of the grain.  The bedstone is slightly convex in shape which allows the flour to be pushed to the edge.

These stones can be difficult to date as the design did not change much over the centuries.

The example shown here is probably 19th century.

Mary Butler

The Museum would like to extend sincere sympathy to the family of Mrs. Mary Butler who died recently.

Mary was a long time member of the Museum Society and enjoyed attending the talks and member's outings.

Along with her husband Maurice, Mary ran the well known Butler's Shop in O'Connell Street.  It had the best ice cream cones in Dungarvan.

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