Marble and Stone Memorials - Gibbons Family Memorial, St. Mary's Parish Church


Gibbons Memorial

This marble and limestone memorial commemorates an old Dungarvan family and in particular Captain William Gibbons.  It is inscribed:

William Gibbons who departed this life Dec 14th 1893 aged 67 years. An affectionate and faithful husband. A judicious father and an honest man. In life he was esteemed and in death deeply lamented. Also, his wife Mary died Aug. 1st 1915 aged 92 years.

Mrs Lucy Gibbons 12 December 1947 aged 77, her husband James Gibbons 12 Dec 1960 aged 92 years.

A small limestone and marble plaque is set into the wall alongside which commemorates William’s sister.  It was carved by T.H. Dennany, Marble Works, Glasnevin and is inscribed: Sacred to the memory of Miss Helena Gibbons who died Good Friday 1842 aged 19 years.

William Gibbons was a sea captain who kept extensive notes of his voyages around the world.  He is chiefly remembered for his generous bequest to the people of Dungarvan which resulted in the creation of the town park and ‘esplanade’, the seating/walking area at The Lookout.  This gift is commemorated on a marble plaque at The Lookout.

In July 1860 William married Mary Ann Fitzgerald (of Dungarvan?).  At the time of the birth of their first child, Mary in 1863, they were living in Main Street.  By 1865 they had moved to 4 Church Street, a house leased from the Carbery family. Their second daughter, Helena, was born in 1865 and a son, James F. was born in 1868.  William established a business as a corn and coal merchant.  His store was situated in Carbery's Lane (now Garvey's supermarket).  In 1885 he was elected as a Town Commissioner and was Chairman in 1887.  In 1891 extensive alterations were carried out to St Mary's Parish Church and Mr & Mrs Gibbons donated funds for the erection of the east windows.

In his will Captain Gibbons left the then substantial sum of £1,760 to the people of Dungarvan to be used to create leisure facilities in the form of parks at the Lookout and Ringnasilloge.  His son James F Gibbons 1868-1960 was also away at sea.  He returned to Dungarvan in 1903 and he set up a wool business.  ‘Mr Gibbons does business in connection with the Williamson Wool Exchange Company...This year the exports doubled...People from all parts of the country and even from neighbouring counties send their wool here.’   James married a Lucile -?- a Cork lady and they lived at 3 Church Street.  According to the 1911 census they were living in a house on The Burgery owned by Edmund Keohan. James is described as a gentleman.  Their children were Kathleen age 14 – born USA; William age 12 - born USA; James age 9; and Maude age 8. Kathleen became a nun and joined the Dominican order in Galway.