Stories from Old Newspapers

Dungarvan - ‘the bathing here is execrable’

The following piece was published in the Clonmel Herald on the 25th of July 1831.  The writer was underwhelmed by the charms of Dungarvan.

Dungarvan….the approach provides a delightful promenade…it may be remarked that though it is one of the most considerable fishing towns in the kingdom, there are times when like the present fish is scarce and very dear; at the period of this excursion there was much scarcity of hake, but a glut of sprats which were sold extremely cheap and on which the poor people appear to live; these last fish if salted, dried in the air, and smoked, afford, it is said, a delightful repast.  The meat market was poorly supplied with mutton and beef, vegetables were scarce and consequently dear; the old potatoes which is of the old red apple kind, are very excellent and very superior to new potatoes.

The bathing here is execrable in consequence of the want of accommodation.  Warm baths can be had but they are on the most disgusting and confined plan.  The same water is made to serve for several persons, and the baths are of wood.  It is very extraordinary that the inhabitants who must be benefiting by the influx of visitors that come here every season, would not exert themselves to have proper baths erected.  Were the Duke of Devonshire applied to …we have no doubt, but he would bear the expense of erecting baths.