Table Quiz Fund Raiser

Each year the Museum Society puts together a fundraising  event to help with the costs of maintaining the museum. Eddie Cantwell is the brains behind such ventures and this year is no different.

This year he has come up with the novel idea for a table quiz.  Using a powerpoint presentation participants will be able to view historical scenes of Dungarvan and Districts on the big screen.  It is not necessary to have a knowledge of the history of Dungarvan as most of the illustrations will be recognisable and questions will not be difficult.  The photographs will include buildings, streets personalities and shop fronts etc and the questions will be based on identifying the street or person in the images.

We are looking for teams of 4 per table to participate with a fee of €40 per table.  Groups of 3 are welcome to take part as long as the fee of €40 is paid. The quiz is open to everyone and we would like to see the businesses and factories in town and surrounding areas enter a team as we search for the most knowledgeable team of "Dungarvan's faces and places".

The table quiz will take place in the Park Hotel on Thursday March 1 at

 This fundraiser is sure to generate a great deal of interest and will be great fun. We ask those who wish to take part to register their team at The Museum, on Friary St, Dungarvan as this will help us to arrange the facilities for the event and provide two screens if needed.

The museum is open Mon - Fri from 9.30 am to Tel: 058-45960.