Talks & Walks at 3 - 2023 Series


A series of free half hour talks & walks exclusively for members, presented by Museum Curator William Fraher.

Talks will take place in the museum at 3p.m. with refreshments after.

The walks will take place at 3p.m., meeting in the museum and will be subject to weather conditions on the day.

Please contact the museum to book your place in advance at     058 45960


Wed 8 February - A Scrapbook of Memories

The scrapbook of Rev Mon. Richard J Casey of Dungarvan

Wed 15 February - A Villa in Town

The history of three suburban villas in Dungarvan – The Beeches, Mountain View, & Monroe Glebe

Wed 22 February - Museum Top Twenty Artefacts

The curator’s choice of the 20 most interesting artefacts on display

Wed 1 March - A Waterford Explorer in Egypt

Henry Windsor Villiers-Stuart of Dromana – his travels in Egypt.


Wed 8 March – St Mary’s Parish Church Cemetery

‘Grave matters’ - interesting grave memorials

Wed 15 March – St Mary’s Church of Ireland

Learn about Dungarvan’s oldest ecclesiastical site and its various churches.

Stories from Old Newspapers


 Cork Examiner 2 May 1849

 Cholera in Dungarvan

A petition has been signed by 27 of the most respectable inhabitants of Abbeyside, and addressed to the Rev. Mr Shanahan, P.P., calling on him to prohibit in future the internment of the paupers in the Augustinian Cemetery in that parish. The yard is literally covered with graves even to the very edge of the walks, and no room left, unless they may be piled one over another. This shows a most awful state of mortality in this locality. There were 900 paupers sent out of the Union Workhouse this day, for outdoor relief at one penny a day each, or one pound of Indian meal for their support.

28 April

On the 25th instant, a boy of the name of Fitzgerald, aged 15, was discharged on the previous evening from the Union poorhouse and died of Cholera after four hours illness, he being one of the number for out-door relief, and on the 26th three new cases occurred in the poor-house, one of which was expected to terminate fatally before night. And yet with all these people of Cholera amongst us, what do you think the Guardians…have done at the Board meeting the following day? They have actually appointed their only medical officer, Dr Christian*, to take part of the duties of the Fever Hospital…I ask…how is it possible any medical man could attend to the wants of over 3,000 paupers, divided amongst five auxiliary poor-houses. Furter I have to state that the Sanatory Board, and inhabitants disapprove of the Guardians having taken houses in the most populous part of the town, for the reception of Cholera patients.

*In 1840 Doctor Thomas Christian married a daughter of the Rev Stephen Dickson of Monroe Glebe, Abbeyside. He died on 14 February 1853.



Waterford Women of The Revolution 1914-1923

 This book by authors Eddie Cantwell and Christina Knight - O’Connor-   is now on sale at the Museum, David Walsh office supplies, Main street Dungarvan, The Book Centre,Waterford City and retails for €25. Copies are selling fast, so get yours before it sells out. Congratulations to the authors on a significant work, beautifully printed, the fruit of many years of research.

Museum Annual General Meeting

The museum’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 26th January 2023 at 7.30pm in the museum building. 

All members are invited to attend

Museum Talk -- Dungarvan Before The Vikings


Waterford County Museum, Dungarvan, continue their lecture season with what promises to be a most interesting talk. Fresh from our ground breaking community archaeological dig at Gallows Hill (which produced amazing discoveries) archaeologist in charge Dave Pollock now turns to "Dungarvan before the Vikings!". This talk will most certainly wet the appetite of locals and those with an interest in the subject. Dave will refer briefly to Gallows Hill during the course of his talk. His talk will take place in the Museum on Friary Street, Dungarvan, on Wednesday 25th January at 7.30 pm. There is an entrance fee of €5.

All are welcome to the Museum talks and they are not confined to members only. Why not become a member of Waterford County Museum Society. The fee is €15 and this can be paid at the lectures or at the museum.

Stories from Old Newspapers

 Cork Examiner 1 December 1870

Aid for the Sick and Wounded French

Dungarvan, 25 November 1870

Dear Sir,

It becomes my pleasing duty to forward you the enclosed bank order for £162-7-7 collected in this town and surrounding district, in aid of the sick and wounded of the French army, and which you will please have placed to the credit of the Irish Ambulance funds. I may truly say the sum is the spontaneous offering of a people anxious to express their zeal and enthusiasm in this matter, not forgetful of the old historic relations between Ireland and France.

And although the present is a day of bitter trial and bleeding anguish to the heart of France, in which Ireland sympathises to her utmost heart’s core, it may be the springtime in which seed shall have been cast that in a future day will develop into a harvest of glory to France and of benefit to Ireland. ‘May God save both nations’

I have the honour to be

Yours Very obediently, Michael J Anthony.

The donation was acknowledged by James F Lombard (businessman, property developer, and organizer of the ambulance group), South Hill, Upper Rathmines:

‘I am very glad to see by your letter that the people of Dungarvan well understand that the Irish Ambulance Committee are doing more, much more, than merely giving relief to the poor suffering French wounded at the present moment’.

The French Third Republic was adopted on 4 September 1879 after the Second French Empire collapsed as a result of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871).

This letter refers to the ‘Ambulance Irlandais’, Irish Ambulance Brigade, which was established by a voluntary committee in Dublin to send a corps consisting of 31 surgeons, 250 men, five wagons, tents, bedding etc. They arrived in France on 11 October 1870 and remained until February 1871.


Franco Irish Ambulance Brigade


Museum Annual General Meeting

 The museum’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 26th January 2023 at 7.30pm in the museum building. 

All members are invited to attend.

Museum Talk

The first museum talk for 2023, is as follows:

Date: Wednesday 25th January 2023

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Museum Building, Augustine Street, Dungarvan

Speaker:  Mr. Dave Pollock 

Topic: Dungarvan before the Vikings 

Admission €5  

All are welcome

Stories from Old Newspapers


Cork Examiner 8 December 1854

Death of Richard Thomas Barron, Esq., J.P., Sarahville House

In our last we had but time to briefly notice the demise of Richard T Barron, Esq., of Sarahville, as high-minded a gentleman as the county Waterford could boast. The melancholy event occurred on the 24th November. Mr Barron was a man of sterling worth. As a landlord he was kind, considerate and indulgent – as a magistrate he was, like his father, honest, faithful and uncompromising I the discharge of his official duties.

The friend and advocate of the poor, he deserved and enjoyed the unlimited confidence of those who appealed to the bench on which he sat, and on whose case, he was called on to adjudicate. As an honest, independent Irishman, he felt for the wrongs of his countrymen. He loved his native land and had the proudest contempt for those who betrayed the confidence of their fellow-countrymen. He honestly and disinterestedly joined the movement that promised legislative independence to his native country…

As a Catholic, he was strictly observant of the obligations of his religion…Mr Barron’s death is a sore loss to his own amiable family. His funeral took place on Saturday; his remains were laid in the family vault in the chapel yard of Faha, a chapel built by his pious father, the late James Barron. Esq.   




The Museum would like to send our condolences to Christine King (Museum Secretary); on the recent death of her father Kenneth Bennett Stradbally, may he rest in peace.

Museum Annual General Meeting

The museum’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 26th January 2023 at 7.30pm in the museum building. 

All members are invited to attend.

Waterford Women of The Revolution 1914-1923

This book by authors Eddie Cantwell and Christina Knight - O’Connor-   is now on sale at the museum and David Walsh office supplies , Main street Dungarvan and retails for €25. Copies are selling fast, so get yours before it sells out. Congratulations to the authors on a significant work, beautifully printed, the fruit of many years of research.

Museum Talk

 The first museum talk for 2023, will take place on Wednesday 25th of January at 7.30pm, in the museum building.  The speaker is Dave Pollock, and the topic being presented will be Dungarvan before the Vikings.  

Admission is €5.  

All are welcome

Stories from Old Newspapers

 Cork Examiner 15 October 1849

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

On last Friday, five policemen came to my house, and ransacked every corner for papers, but found none. They seized three guns and a naval sword, which I had in that service some twenty years ago. One of the guns was registered; the other two were left by a young friend who brought them for his amusement. On returning to college, he said his brother would be with me in a day or two, and it would not be worthwhile to remove them. The latter had a shooting license and would bring the guns home…They are now forfeited, as well as my own. Verily this is the level of freedom with a vengeance! T’would make you smile to see old empty cannisters, powder-horns, without tops, and broken moth eaten shot belts that hung on a rack for more than 20 years…They dragged me to prison where I remained until Tuesday evening when I was admitted with the greatest reluctance to bail-two sureties in £100 each, myself the same – I was accommodated in which was a heap of straw, sewed up in the coarsest sack-cloth, and blankets not too heavy.

Each day, I passed in a narrow yard with a precious crew. On Saturday I was brought before the Justices, and placed in the dock, asking myself, if the prisoners would change places with their Worships (excepting one). I there stood charged with having unregistered arms; and to prove my guilt, and shame me before the world (how shamed I felt) were my iniquities emptied on the green cloth, in the shape of guns, old pistols…and everything that could wage war against partridge and Peelers. All this ‘pomp and circumstance’ was, of course, to vindicate the majesty of the law. There were strict orders given that none should visit me in prison, but…I was told bail would be taken. Two immediately stood forward; one of them as respectable as any in Dungarvan was objected to by a J.P., who in reality was the less respectable of the two. I was of course, puzzled to know why I was singled out. At last the stipendiary let out that they suspected me for getting out John O’Mahony (Fenian) last year. What think you of this?

John Kennedy, Cove Hill, Ballyvoile, Dungarvan, 11 October 1849   

Dungarvan Jail Circa 1900