Stories from Old Newspapers

 Kilkenny Moderator 6 October 1830

Fete at Curraghmore

On Thursday, the tenantry of the Marquis of Waterford, of the barony of Gaultier, were entertained to dinner by his Lordship at Curraghmore. The tables were laid in the courtyard protected from the weather by an awning, fresh from the neighbouring [Malcomson] factory at Portlaw. At 3 o’clock the worthy yeomen, to the number of about 170, sat down to their substantial roast beef, with its accompaniments, and an abundance of ale and choice port to wash it down. Their young and noble host sat at the head of the table and omitted nothing that could render the party social and hearty.

His Lordship’s health was received with acclamations, and drunk in the full spirit of Irish welcome. His Lordship returned thanks, apparently greatly excited by the warmth and feeling which he experienced in the midst of these honest peasantry…he expressed his intention of residing at Curraghmore at the expiration of two years…repeated cheers that made the welkin ring were the intelligible response… to these very generous sentiments…Though there were many onlookers, the tenantry were the only invited guests. The ladies of the family witnessed the animating and delightful scene at a short distance at the head of the table. His Grace, the Lord Primate was present, and his health being drunk, he returned thanks, and stated that it afforded him great pleasure, as the guardian and uncle of the young marquis to observe the mutual feeling of attachment which reigned between his Lordship and tenants…At five o’clock, dinner being over, the company adjourned to an open space nearer the house – the band of the Waterford Staff struck up some lively airs, and dancing commenced and proceeded with the utmost gaiety – It is true we could not distinguish the light quadrille from the gay gallopade , and many a foot seemed to figure away altogether untutored by the professional skill of our Goodman; but there was mirth and good humour galore…At length…the guests found it time to depart. Their chargers were called for, and the good men mounted as well as they were able, and drawing eight abreast, they gave three cheers for the house of Curraghmore. Erin go Bragh!