Stories from Old Newspapers

 Dungarvan Observer April 1918

Captain of Lismore Volunteers Arrested

‘Capt. J.J. Madden, of the local corps of volunteers, was arrested at 8.30p.m. on Tuesday morning by Sergt. Hannan and Constable Lyne charged with illegal drilling and unlawful assembly.

He was brought before Mr Gerald Griffin, R.M., Waterford, during the day and remanded to Dungarvan Petty Sessions on Saturday, 6th April. At the 4.25p.m. train by which he was removed to Cork Jail, an unusually large crowd filled the platform and gave several cheers for the popular captain, besides singing ‘The Soldier’s Song’ as the train steamed in. Mr John Goulding travelled to Cork with the prisoner. A force of ten policemen marched to the station with Mr Madden, three of whom formed an escort. Mr. Madden, who is a native of Nenagh, was Professor at the Christian Brothers’ College here, and was most popular with all classes’.

Also arrested at the time were John Keyes and George Lennon of Dungarvan. Lennon later wrote that conditions in the jail were terrible: ‘there was no heat of any kind…beds were mere benches, barred windows were devoid of glass and food was of an appalling poor standard’.  

Cork Jail