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Dungarvan Observer 17th May 1930


No Cinema on Sunday


The application of Mr. Daniel Crotty for renewal of his cinema license was before the Council. 

Mr. McGrath- Does the application state the number of nights?

Chairman- the application states under the regulations, which I presume, means seven days a week.

Mr. Keane- I propose we grant the license as heretofore.

Mr. Hackett seconded.

Mr. McCarthy- what objection is there to seven days?  I have no objection. What harm is there in Sunday night. I propose we grant a 7-day license.

Mr. McCarthy- I think it is better for girls and boys to go to the pictures than go to dances on Sunday nights where they are out all night.  If they go to the pictures they will be home by 11p.m.  I am looking at the matter from a moral point of view.  I would not wish to go against the clergy but I must go according to my conscience.

Mr. Foley- I am of the same mind as Mr. McCarthy.  I know there is more harm done out the roads. I am a man of experience and I know (laughter).

Mr. McCarthy- it is not where you are- but what you are doing.

Mr. McCarthy- The pictures can be on in Youghal and other places on Sunday nights.  I don’t see what harm they are.

A vote was taken and resulted:-

A vote for Mr. McCarthy’s amendment-

Messrs. Griffin, Foley and McCarthy- 3

Against- Messrs. Moloney, Clancy, Hackett, Envoy, McGrath, Dee, Keane, O’Donnell, Lawn and the Chairman- 10.

Mr. Keane’s resolution was then passed and a 6-day license was granted.

Mr. McCarthy- I am sorry my resolution was defeated from a moral point of view. You’ll know before long.

Dan Crotty’s cinema was situated by the Bridge, located opposite the 360 Quay Stay (formally the old Aras Brugha Building).

Poster fro Dan Crotty's Cinema early 1930's