Stories from Old Newspapers

Waterford Standard 6th Feb 1937




On Saturday night Lord Charles and Lady Cavendish entertained all the estate employees together with some members of their families to a sumptuous repast at Lismore castle Co. Waterford, to which the Tallow Piper’s Band were specially invited by Lord Charles to provided musical entertainment for his guests. Irish and Scottish airs were a particular feature of the programme.  The occasion was availed of to pay a tribute and bid adieu to Mr. Hey, who has been agent for Lord Charles for a number of years, on departure to take up more responsible duties on the Devonshire Estate in England.  Good wishes and bon voyage having been extended, Mr. Hey suitably replied, and said he would always cherish his happy association with Lord and Lady Cavendish, the Lismore property and its employees.


A further treat was then provided for the guests, this being and entertainment specially arranged for at the Paladium Cinema Hall, Parks Road, Lismore, to where the whole party proceeded, accompanied by the pipers band playing suitable airs. The programme provided was fully enjoyed, and at the conclusion a hearty vote of thanks was passed with the host and hostess, accompanied by expressions of good wishes for their future happiness and prosperity on the Lismore Estate.

Lord Charles Cavendidh (1905-1944) and Adele Astaire (1896-1981) who were married in 1932. They lived at Lismore Castle, where he died of alcoholism in 1944 at the age of 38. He is buried in St Carthage's C of I Cathedral cemetery, Lismore.