Stories From Old Newspapers


Dungarvan Observer February 1918


Lismore Coal Fund


"The poor will always be with us", is an old and true saying, but somehow or other they have appeared to be forgotten this season by our wealthy friends.  From time immemorial it has been the custom of traders to give presents at the festive season, but in 1916 some or we should say the majority of them failed to do so.  The excuse given, of course, was the war, which was a legitimate one.  On that occasion a collection was made and a quantity of firewood secured gratis, we understand, from the Duke of Devonshire.  Carters had to be paid for distributing some, and the result was poor helpless women had huge logs of firewood delivered to their doors for days.  It was then stated that this was a ruse of the traders to discontinue the custom of Christmas present, but we cannot vouch for the truth of that assertion.  The fact however remains, at 1917 Christmas neither presents or firewood had been given, and it is to this that we intend to chiefly allude.  The district of Dungarvan set us a worthy example in this respect-when they collected £163 odd and had distributed over 63 tons of coal to the deserving poor.  When are we to make a move here.  What are our City Fathers doing? Are there not tons of timber still in the locality knocked by the recent storm?  Surely the public men of the town are not going to allow the occasion to pass by.  The traders also, we are certain, will not be content until the wants of the poor are satisfied.  Any movement initiated with the object of planning a coal or timber fund for the poor will have our hearty co-operation.  Since the above was written a Jumble Sale in aid of the coal and timber fund organised by kind ladies in the district, has been held at the Courthouse. The sale was a splendid success, but the amount realised was nothing compared with what it should be if the traders co-operated the same as they did last year.