Stories from Old Newspapers


Dungarvan Observer 7 March 1925

Mr Miller’s Sweet Factory

In times of depression and trade stagnation, it is a cheerful thing to see new industries started and trade developed along the lines hitherto neglected. Recently we have had the opportunity afforded us of inspecting the sweet factory established by Mr Miller, Main Street, Dungarvan, and it is proof of what can be done by initiative and business enterprise combined and properly directed. There has always been and ever will be a demand for sweet things. The taste is not confined to children, as in most cases those who have left the stage of youth a considerable distance behind are as enthusiastic for delectable sweets as they were in the days of their youth.

To meet that demand and to cater for the general deficit in the matter of sweets of all sorts and to meet every palate, Mr Miller has spared no expense in equipping his new factory, and with a specially trained staff he is turning out his goods in the most finished style and up to the standard of the best and most famous manufacturers. In the hard days which have come on our country and which, we are told, are part of the freedom we have got, our people must be up and doing, and only in the development of our multifarious resources and the establishment of new industries ion a proper basis can we hope to achieve success. Mr Miller deserves well of the community at large for what he is doing…Now that the government are fostering the production of sugar beet, 20 acres of which will be grown in the County of Waterford this year, it is quite within the theory of probabilities that in a short time Mr Miller will be using locally manufactures sugar for his factory.