Verso Art Exhibition - Lismore Castle

St. Carthage’s Cathedral in Lismore is a building of great architectural and historical importance.  However, funds are required for conservation and upgrading of the interior.

Lismore Cathedral CLG set up a charitable initiative called Verso Art.  The aim of the project is “to sell original works of art donated by artists, all in the same postcard size format, on a single day, without revealing the identity of the artist”.

Over 800 works were submitted and these are on display for a limited period at Lismore Castle Art Gallery from 23 – 31 October 2021.

On 6 November 2021 all art works will be available for sale from 10 a.m.  For further details and to register see

Museum curator William Fraher is one of the contributing artists. 

Historian Julian Walton has written a fascinating article on the history of the Cathedral which can be seen in the current issue of “The Irish Arts Review”.

Well done to all concerned, artists and organisers.

Lismore Castle