Seed Potatoes for Waterford Farmers


Irish Independent 28 March 1905

When it was announced that a supply of seed potatoes would be given this year, the Guardians of Dungarvan Union decided to make application for a supply of Scotch Champions, a quantity of seed which proved very satisfactory in the district on former occasions.  They invited tenders, and Messrs Power & Son, seedsmen, Waterford, were declared contractors.

The other day a steamer loaded with one hundred tons of potatoes landed at Dungarvan Quay.  The unloading and transfer cartage of the seed to the store in the Town Hall (kindly lent by the Urban Council for the purpose of storage) afforded some needed employment.

The people were busy for three days carting away the seed, and one and all were delighted with the appearance of the potatoes.  It is earnestly hoped that they will prove productive and turn out the boon to the small farmers it is intended they should be.  The seed, which was put up in sacks, each containing two hundredweight, came direct from Glasgow to Dungarvan Quay.