Stories from Old Newspapers

Waterford News 28th September 1866

                                         Improvements in Dungarvan

The Augustinian church -  the railing which surrounds the new alter of this beautiful church was now been stained and completely finished by a young mechanic, a native of this town named Robert Power. Several specimens of wood staining were presented by parties from surrounding towns to the Rev. P. Toomy O.S. A., and from his taste and judgment he selected that of Mr. Power.  The work has been remarkably well executed , it's the admiration of all...  The top rail is finished  in French polish, and the entire work is proof of native talent. 
Great improvement is carrying on by J.R. Power, Esq. J.P., on the Buttery, which has given much employment to masons and labourers for the past month.  The property was purchased by Mr. Power in the Encumbered Estates Court.  The Town Commissioners are also carrying out  improvements in the immediate vicinity of the above locality,  in opening a new street , from the verge  of Mr. John Walls premises, to the spring road.   This improvement when completed, will be a great public advantage.    The commissioners have also done great service as to the sewerage in many parts of the town lately.

At Abbeyside there has been a decided improvements... especially in the Humble-Street, the houses in that district being all whitewashed both on the interior and exterior, the dung pits- filled up, and the premises to the rear are now in the most satisfactory condition.