Next Events in SGC Cinema Dungarvan

Next events in SGC Cinema Dungarvan are:

December 8th:     Friends 25th Anniversary, Part 1.

December 10th      Copelia: from the Royal Ballet London

December 11th      Friends 25th Anniversary, part 2

December 15th    Friends 25th Anniversary part 3

December 16th    In Search of Beethoven

December 17th    The Nutcracker: From the Royal Ballet London

December 21st    The Nutcracker: from the Royal Ballet London

December 31st      Berliner Philharmoniker Live New Year’s Eve Concert

It's advisable to purchase tickets now before the performances are sold out!

Tickets are available to members of the Museum at a significant discount. Call to the Museum to collect your concession tickets.

This is thanks to Eugene Tobin, Manager and SGC Cinema.  So don't be disappointed and book now!