Donation of painting to the Museum

Maighread O'Riordan donating the painting of Mrs. Murphy to William Fraher, Museum Curator

The museum has received a donation of a painting of Mrs. Murphy, fish seller by American artist Velma Sorensen Limmeroth.  The painting won first prize at Tillamook County Fair and Maighread brought it from the United States for the museum.

The history of the painting is that Velma was very touched by a poem that Michael Wright had written about Mrs. Murphy and after hearing her history from Maighread, she decided to paint the picture.  Michael passed away while Velma was painting the picture and Velma added the Mat Hatter’s hat in his memory.  This painting has been seen online and was part of an art exhibition in the United States.

Velma has donated it to the museum in the memory of Mrs. Murphy and Michael Wright R.I.P.  The painting can be viewed in the museum.