Stories from Old Newspapers

Cork Examiner 17 November 1903

Football - Co Waterford Championship

The final tie for the Championship of the Co Waterford was played at Dungarvan on Sunday, the competing teams being Lismore and Clashmore.  A special train was run from Lismore for the occasion, the Clashmore men travelling by car and bringing with them a large crowd. About four hundred travelled from Lismore, and during the performances of both teams the greatest interest was envinced in the match…an immense concourse of people lined the enclosure.  Clashmore won the toss and played with the slight breeze and sun in their favour.  The men were dressed in splendid costumes, which, it should be mentioned, were all of Irish manufacture, and were supplied by the Dungarvan Gaelic outfit establishment.  Mr. Daniel Fraher, an old Gael, was, as usual looking after the arrangements, and those invested with the preservation of order performed their duty satisfactorily.  For the first few minutes Lismore had the best of matters, and kept their opponents on the defensive. Clashmore being able to do nothing more than defend their position…the play being very fast, and after a scuffle Lismore was awarded a free kick from forty yards of goal but failed to score.  Lismore…after some fine play scored a point, thus makings matters even.  At this point a row occurred at the side of the field and the spectators rushing across the field stopped play for five minutes.  Lismore came out the champions of the Co Waterford, the score standing: Lismore 1 goal, 1 point, and Clashmore 1 point.