Stories from Old Newspapers

                               Stories from old newspapers

                            Dungarvan Observer 9 March 1918

Hygienic Bakery for Dungarvan – A. Moloney & Sons, Ltd., New Installation

    Within the past week one of the most up-to-date Hygienic Bakeries has been installed by the enterprising firm of A. Moloney and Sons, which is unequalled in finish and completeness in any provincial town in Ireland.

    In order to do so it was necessary to have a new premises erected, and this was done on a spacious site adjoining their corn stores and at the rear of Main Street.  The work was carried out under the supervision of Mr. Michael Mahony, Main Street, who has ere this proved himself an expert in the matter of such buildings.  The tiling, cementing, and outside work was carried out…by Mr. Thomas Butler and Sons, Church Street.  The new oven, which weighs 90 tons was erected by Messrs T.H. Tonge, Manchester, and the power by the National Gas Engine Co Ltd., Ashton-Under-Lyne.  The new bakery is 66 feet long by 26 feet wide.  It is divided into three compartments.  At the rear is the furnace room, in the centre the bakehouse, measuring 30 ft by 26ft, and outside is the engine room. The front of the oven is in white enameled brick.  Upstairs there is a loft capable of holding some hundreds of flour, and by means of a chute the flour can be sent…right into the kneader in the bakehouse…The oven…is able to bake 1½ sacks of flour every hour.  No hand touches the flour from beginning to end.