The Tragic Voyage of Paul and Aga Mueller - An Illustrated Talk by Brian Mulvihill

Brian’s talk deals with Aga Mueller and her father Paul and their failed voyage from Germany to Argentina in a sixteen foot boat named Berlin.  The journey that they chose to undertake was indeed an epic one and Brian will trace their journey to its end and all that happened in between.

The story is a fantastic one with twists and turns that people will not believe, it’s worthy of an Agatha Christie novel, with a cliff hanger ending.  The story does not end with the ending of the voyage and goes right up to the modern day!  Brian has spent many years researching this particular project, and it most certainly is going to be a very interesting talk.

Brian worked for many years in Dungarvan Crystal prior to the factory closure.  He then returned to college and retrained as a teacher.  This retraining included a yearlong work placement at a camp in America.  Upon qualification, Brian secured work with the Waterford Wexford ETB and he currently works as a tutor with Dungarvan Youthreach.

This talk takes place in the Town Hall Theatre, Dungarvan on Wednesday the 20th of February at 8pm.  There is an admittance fee of €5, and as always, all are welcome.