Object of the Week - Calendar for Thomas Power & Co. Brewery, Dungarvan, 1957

The calendar features one of the brewery employees, Mr. Thomas Greaney.

He is described on the calendar as:

Thomas Greaney foreman bottler at Power’s Brewery for more than forty years.  His job needs constant attention to changing temperatures, as well as day-to-day consumption of beer.  During his forty years Tommy has been absent once when ill for a few days.  To Tommy goes all the credit for perfection of Power’s bottling.  He has seen many changes in the old Brewery, but in all today’s modern equipment and plant, none has pleased him so much in his care of Guinness’ Stout as today’s delivery in stainless steel tankers which maintain an even temperature in all weather, due to their insulation.  Greatly increased sales in recent years of Guinness by Powers today is due to this big change in delivery and storage of stout before it goes into bottle.  Behind all these modern efforts towards perfection are men of the high calibre of Thomas Greaney.