Monday, June 27th Recent Book Launch 'Waterford and the 1916 Rising' by Dr. Pat McCarthy

Waterford and the 1916 Rising

Congratulations to Dr. Pat McCarthy on the launch of his new book in the Garden Room of the Medieval Museum in Waterford recently. The book is called Waterford and the 1916 Rising. It outlines the developments in Waterford before and during the 1916 Rising.

In this book, Dr. Pat McCarthy has weaved together the story of Waterford's participation in the events of 100 years ago. In doing this, he has framed this participation within its local, national and international context. The recording of history often focuses on the events and the public leaders of these events and it is only right that we celebrate these national events in a meaningful and respectful way.

This book looks at these events and tells the stories through the eyes of the ordinary men and women from our county who lived in extraordinary times.

It fills the gap at a local level by providing information on Waterford's role in the seismic events of 100 years ago. It traces the tradition from the Fenian movement of the 1860's to the IRB and the Irish Volunteers in the lead up to the 1916 Rising. It examines not only Waterford in 1916 but also the part played by men from Waterford in the fighting in Dublin. It includes the men who fought for a Republic and those who, as members of the British Army defended the empire. This book tells the story of all those men from Waterford.

Waterford and the 1916 Rising is a very interesting read with photographs and is a very welcome addition to any bookshelf.