19th February 2014 Glimpses of a Seafaring Family's History, The Curran Family

An illustrated talk by Desmond Walsh titled "Glimpses of a Seafaring family's History" (The Curran Family The Quay House, Dungarvan).

Desmond Walsh is a grandson of the late James Curran (last harbour master) and a direct descendent of the Currans of the Quay House-a prominent Victorian Ship owning and Merchant family whose ships plied between Dungarvan, the UK, North and South America for about 100 years between 1820 and 1920.
Have you ever wondered about the size of these ships and the cargoes - pit props, fruit, coal, guns, felons/patriots, how many crew were required, what wages were paid, what voyages were undertaken. To get the answers to these questions  mark this event in your diary.

Date: Wednesday 19th February

Venue: Town Hall Theatre

Time: 8 p.m.

Admission: €5-

This illustrated account with artefacts of the seafaring exploits of an old Dungarvan family is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in maritime and local history. "The Boadicea", pictured to the right is but one of many fine topsail schooners owned by the family.