Facebook Resources For Waterford History And Genealogy

There are quite a few useful resources for people interested in Waterford local history on Facebook. As part of the Waterford Local History Network we have been encouraging local history groups around the county to get on Facebook so that they can inform the public on their activities.

The following groups have Facebook pages.

Cappoquin Heritage Group
Portlaw Heritage Centre
Bunmahon Heritage Society
Waterford County Library Local Studies
Waterford County Archive
Waterford City Library
And of course ourselves Waterford County Museum

Some of the pages are more active than others but all of them are created by people with an interest in preserving their area's heritage. If you think a page needs to be more active, get in touch with the page administrator and encourage them to post more frequently. Try and do this in an encouraging and constructive manner, as most of these people are maintaining these pages in their spare time or in addition to their normal duties.

If you know of any Facebook pages, blogs or websites that are useful for people researching in Waterford get in touch and Waterford County Museum will feature them and link to them.